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15+ Best Foot Massager Reviews For Feet Pain and Plantar Fasciitis

Reading the best foot massager reviews will help you find the suitable foot massaging machine, in meeting your various sore on feet or ankle, such as plantar fasciitis, muscle pain or sore ankle. Among the different types on the market, the electric types are widely used for convenience. However, there are also cheap wooden massages and foot spa machines you could pick. 

From this article, you can get the top pick feet massagers machine with different usages and price levels. Also, apart from the review, you can also find useful knowledge on home massaging and tips in taking care of your feet. 

Now, let’s started!

Comparison Chart of The 10 Best Shiatsu Foot Massager 

Photo Title Price Buy
Nekteck Foot Massager...image Nekteck Foot Massager with Soothing Heat $49.99 Buy On
Conair Soothing Pedicure...image Conair Soothing Pedicure Foot Spa Bath with Soothing Vibration Massage, Deep Basin Relaxing Foot Massager with Jets, Pink/White $34.99 Buy On
TheraFlow Multifunctional Foot...image TheraFlow Foot Massager Roller $10.99 Buy On
Shiatsu Kneading, Rolling...image Shiatsu Kneading, Rolling & Heating Foot & Calf Massager Personal Health Studio Leg Beautician red Buy On
TheraFlow Foot Massager...image TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller (Large) $16.99 Buy On
RENPHO Foot Massager...image RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat $109.99 ($109.99 / Count) Buy On
TRIDUCNA Shiatsu Foot...image Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat Buy On
MIKO Foot Massager...image Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager With Deep-Kneading $118.34 Buy On
TISSCARE Foot Massager...image Foot Massager with Heat, Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Machine for Foot Calf $219.99 Buy On


Best Shiatsu Foot Massager Reviews

Best Pick – Nekteck Shiatsu Heat Deep Kneading Massager for Plantar Fasciitis


homedics foot massager with heat



6 massage heads with 18 rotating nodes for whole family use  
Safety heating function relieve the pain on muscles
Adjustable height to 3 levels
Portable and easy to oprate with simple one button
Built-in on-board cord storage and handle for portability


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Best Foot Spa Massager – Conair Foot Predicure Spa with Soothing Vibrating


best foot massager for plantar fasciitis



Multiple colors and vibration modes available 
Deep pedicure spa basin enables you to fully immerse your feet in 
Splash guard nodes for full foot use 
Maintain water temperature and prolong using time
Removeable rollers to control massage intensity


Check Cheapest Price


Electric Foot Calf and Ankle Massager – HmRelax Shiatsu Rolling & Heating Personal Massager


best foot and leg massager



Multifunctional massage comes with vibration, rolling, kneading and heating functions 
Ergonomic design targets to sore points on feet, leg and calf 
Automatic massage program give reflexology therapies 
3 modes and 3 intensity can be chosen
Detachable fabric foot covers for easy cleaning 


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Therapeutic Deep Kneading Foot Massager – RENPHO Shiatsu Air Compression Massager to Improve Blood Circulation


foot leg massager



Equipped with rotation ball and rolling stick for deep kneading 
Ergonomic shape design provides comprehensive massage feeling 
Simple and easy to use with touch panel 
3 different kneading intensity levels 
Additional air compression intensity and optional heat gives customizeable massaging to feet 


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Electric Infrared Foot Massager for Large Feet – Sotion Adjustable Intensity Air Compression Shiatsu Foot Machine


best electric foot massager



3 different intensity levels and 3 modes settings  
Optional heating and 3 air pressure levels 
Removeable and washable fabric to stay clean 
Perfect for plantar fasciitis and eliminate fatigue 
Overheating protection


Check Cheapest Price


Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager – ELLESYE Electric Therapeutic Massager with Heat


ucomfy shiatsu foot massager with heat



26 deep penetrating massage nodes to hit the main spots in the feet 
Comes with red light and a heating function
One-button simple control for easy to use
4 rotating petal-like massage heads and mountain-like design 
6 adjustable massage intensities 


Check Cheapest Price


Best Automatic Deep Tissue Foot Massager – Shiatsu Tespo Air Compression Foot Massager with Heat


foot calf massager



2+2 larger airbags to fully cover your leg
Equipped with rotation ball and rolling stick  for deep kneading
Ergonomic design gives comprehensive massaging
Detachable breathable and washable cover
1-year free warranty


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Benefits of Foot Massager

In reflexology, the pressure is applied to these reflexes on the feet, which advances excellent wellbeing. Here are some medical advantages of foot massage and reflexology:

whole foot massager

Improves blood course:

Because of an inactive lifestyle, numerous individuals don’t use their feet muscles appropriately, subsequently impeding a great bloodstream. Additionally, tight, pointed shoes­–particularly high heels–hinder course. Ten minutes of foot knead every day causes in transporting oxygen to the body’s cells, which is essential for general wellbeing.

Aides in unwinding:

Following a tiring and upsetting day, a foot rub is a soothing and relaxing approach to unwind, especially in the wake of a monotonous day of standing and walking around, as the feet tend to grow up.

Advances better rest:

The best time to do foot rub is before going to bed. A soothing and relaxing foot rub improves the blood course. This aide in getting a quiet rest.

Eases body pains:

This is the best piece of reflexology. If done cautiously, it treats illnesses and hurts, for example, cerebral aches, migraines, neck pain, lower and upper spinal illnesses.

Improves state of mind and battles despondency:

Foot massage and reflexology help in fighting the gloom. Specific points on the feet are useful in alleviating despondency side effects. Massaging these points or applying pressure to them for a couple of moments 2 or 3 times each day can help ease the side effects of grief.

Makes feet more advantageous:

A straightforward approach to help keep your feet stable and free from foot issues is an ordinary foot rub. It invigorates the muscles around your feet, diminishes stiffness, and even decreases pain in the lower legs or the impact points. Also, a short 5-minute foot rub day by day will make your lower legs reliable and adaptable, hence preventing terrible lower leg and foot injuries.

Lightens swelling (edema)

Standard foot knead during pregnancy can help decrease the impacts of edema, which is swelling in the feet because of blood maintenance. This is exceptionally common during pregnancy, particularly in the last trimester.


How to Choose the Best Foot Massager?

A foot massage can be comfortable and therapeutic. Unfortunately, the feet are forgotten most of the time, as more people focus on the face and hands. Since the feet communicate with different parts of the body, you will benefit significantly from foot massages.

Construction and durability

The foot massager must be made of top quality materials to meet your needs for years. The construction must be healthy and robust enough to withstand any use during the massage. It is also essential to verify how the massager works and its effect on durability. Manufacturers offering a high-quality massager generally provide guarantees, and in this way, you can be sure that they will work properly and will last long enough.

Weight and size

The foot massager should be good enough to hold the feet comfortably and not fall when lifting one foot. The size of the foot opening should also be large enough to adapt to different footprints so that all areas of your feet can become infected with the massage knots for the best massage results. When it comes to weight, consider the need to move the massage device from one point to another. If you intend to use it from a position, the more massive model may be beautiful, but you may need lighter models if you have to move the massage device from one place to another.

Healing values

The foot massager provides relaxation and comfort, but apart from that, you should also consider the therapeutic values ​​of your unit. Each one comes with varying amounts of treatment, health benefits and even for relaxation. While some soft tissues are targeted, others will relieve dry feet and others can nourish and maintain healthy feet. Your main options are shiatsu, electric and manual foot massager. The shiatsu foot massager offers many therapeutic values ​​compared to other massagers. Compare them all and make the right decision based on the pros and cons.


Determine what kind of flexibility you will enjoy when using a foot massager. The characteristics of your massage device should not only be valuable but should also facilitate the use of the unit. Some of the significant features of a foot massager include the pillow surface, massage speeds, control options, and heat functions.


Types of Foot Massagers

The main thing that you ought to ask yourself when purchasing a top-appraised home foot massager is the thing that type works best for you. Here are the different alternatives that you can pick according to your inclination and spending plan.

Electric foot massagers

Electric massagers are undoubtedly the most widely recognized and mainstream kind of foot massagers. They give deep and profound massages without applying a lot of exertion. What’s more, most electric massagers have additional features, for example, warming and heartbeats alternative. Here are the various kinds of electric massagers according to which zones of the legs they spread:

Foot and lower leg massagers

For an increasingly broad massage experience, an electric foot and lower leg massager may be what you are searching for. At a taller and heavier form, this sort of massager arrives at all the path from the bottoms of your feet up to its sides. You will get more advantages and guarantee additional blood flow since the foot massagers have more extensive inclusion than essential foot massagers.

Stage foot massagers

Most generally, foot massagers immensely just spread the foot. From the tip of your toes as far as possible of your impact point, stage foot massagers fit all sizes and give an extremely loosening up experience that undoubtedly facilitates up any muscle strains. In many cases, you can tell how great a foot massager is by how well they can arrive at the curve of your feet.

Water shower foot massagers

In case you are a continuous customer of massage spa and salon, at that point, you are now likely acquainted with a water shower foot massager. This kind of foot massager utilizes water to diminish any muscle pressure. Not at all like standard foot massagers that direct utilization weight on your foot, a water shower spa foot massager expects clients to absorb their feet the water to unwind. Most proprietors of this sort of massagers likewise blend Epsom salt and other essential oils in the water for a progressively enjoyable experience.

Foot and calf massagers

Then again, definitive massagers that have the most inclusion are the foot and calf massagers. They are generally more costly than customary foot massagers and fabricated progressively durable and heavier. There are relatively few organizations that offer this kind of massager yet those that exist are likewise said to be incredibly durable. Foot and calf massagers are also extremely flexible because they generally have choices where you can pick which parts of the legs you need to be worked.

Manual foot massagers with globules and rollers

Indeed, even with the notoriety of electric foot massagers, many still favor choosing manual foot massagers. Much of the time made out of wood, manual foot massagers are idiot-proof and easy to use. It has rollers with distending dense spikes that serve to massage your feet when you step and move on it. Manual foot massagers cost significantly less expensive than electric foot massagers. In this way, on the off chance that you are searching for a modest, modest, and simple to utilize foot massager, at that point, the manual sort may be the one that you are searching for.


Final Pick:

You can say pressure is inevitable. However, you can oversee it with the assistance of the best foot and calf massager. A quality foot and calf massage can assist you with keeping up typical pulse, soothe muscle irritation, oversee sadness, lessen migraines and more. In general, this gadget can help your wellbeing and state of mind. Isn’t that what you need? Anyway, interestingly, we have given surveys of top-evaluated foot and calf massages available.