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Best Percussion Massager Reviews You Should Never Miss【Update】

Many people take the time to locate the best percussion massager. There is a reason why. The best percussion massager will make you enjoy several health benefits. The devices are designed to emit percussion motion on your muscles.

For instance, if you have developed a stiff neck, you can apply the percussion massager to target the muscles which have been affected. The use of precision technology leads to the stimulation of muscles in the affected area which plays a great role in helping you achieve quick recovery. It does not matter the type of muscle pain you have developed, you can rely on the percussion massagers and they will offer you quick recovery.


Top Pick Best Percussion Massagers 

Photo Title Price Buy
Sonic Handheld Percussion...image Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun $65.26 Buy On
RENPHO Gifts for...image RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager $39.99 ($39.99 / Count) Buy On
Hangsun Handheld Neck...image Hangsun Handheld Neck Back Massager MG460 Deep Tissue Percussion $39.99 ($39.99 / Count) Buy On
HoMedics NMS-600 Back...image HoMedics NMS-600 Back and Shoulder Percussion Massager with Heat Buy On
Homedics Back Massager...image Homedics Back Massager - Heated Automatic Percussion Back, Body and Neck Massager with Duel Pivoting Heads, Interchangeable Nodes, for Shoulders, Legs and Feet, White $59.99 Buy On
Mighty Bliss Deep...image MIGHTY BLISSTM Deep Tissue Back and Body Massager $34.99 ($34.99 / Count) Buy On

Best Percussion Massagers Reviews

Best Pick – ABOX Percussion Handheld Deep Tissue Massage Gun – For Muscle

deep tissue percussion therapeutic massager




Effectively reduce the tension on the muscle
Quite working process
20 adjustable speeds
4 changeable massage head for precisely target sensitive
5-hour long time rechargeable battery
Sufficient in getting plenty of relief
Versatile massager with clear LCD display

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Best Powerful – PUREWAVE Dual Motor Percussion Massager – For Back & Full Body

quantum percussion massager




Dual motor design
Professional grade for safety and durability
Powerful deep tissue system
Micro-vibration motor for relaxation
Multiple attachments with educational video
Relax back, neck, leg, foot, plantar fasciitis and sciatica

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Best Cheap – REHPHO Rechargeable Cordless Portable Deep Tissue Massager – For Full Body

professional percussion massager




Relax and relieve pain of whole body
Automatically stop design to prevent machine
Portable and flexibility 
Built-in long-lasting battery
FDA&FCC Certified
5 interchangeable head-attachments

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Handheld with Grip – HoMedics Percussion Massager with Heat – For Full Body


percussion massager benefits




Dual Pivoting heads
Optional gentle heat setting
Multiple settings
Ergonomic handle for easier grip
Relieve the pain on back, shoulder, neck and legs
Reasonable price

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Massager with Heat – HoMedics NMS-600 Percussion Massager – For Back and Shoulder

therarub percussion massager




3 massager modes available
Soothing heat relieve pain of back and shoulder
Adjustable intensity
Flexible straps
Extensive line of cushions with Shiatsu and vibration

Check Cheapest Price


Quiet Motor – Exerscrbe Professional Vybe Pro Percussion Massager Gun – For Deep Muscle

back & shoulder percussion massager with heat




High quality machine
9 multiple speeds and vibration
1800-3400 strokes per minute
Quiet and powerful with double bearing transmission
5 massage heads
Compact size and case

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What to Look for When Choosing Best Percussion Massager?

There are several factors you need to take into consideration when choosing a percussion massager. You need to take into consideration several factors to ensure you buy the right device. For instance, you may like to have a portable unit, in such a case you should look for one which is battery powered. People have different preferences, you need to take your given preferences into account before you can choose the massager. Here are common factors you can consider before you decide to buy a given massager:

Comfort and Ease of Use

You need a massager which you can easily use. There are some massagers that come in an easy-to-use design. Check on a device that comes in an ergonomic design before you can buy it. There are several brands of massagers in the market. You need to go for one which has been designed to assure you of the best performance.

A product that you can comfortably use will encourage you to apply it more. Remember massage therapy is a process that you should carry out as many times as possible as a way of increasing the chances of realizing the best performance. It is necessary to check on the general design of the massager before you can head out to order one for your family’s use.

Power source

Are you interested in a percussion massager that is battery powered or you would like to connect to a power source? If you love traveling, then it is essential to buy a massager which operates on a battery.

A battery-operated massager will allow you to carry out the massage session from any given location. It is upon you to compare the massagers and ensure you buy one which has a long-lasting battery.

A massager with a long-lasting battery will serve you for a long till you realize value for money in the long run. In most cases, you will get the details about the battery lifespan indicated. It is good to check out before you can proceed to buy the massager.

Price considerations

As far as you would like to buy the best massager, you need to take into account your budget. There are some massagers that are designed to assure you the best service but they are highly rated. Always work within your budget when buying the massagers and it will be easy for you to get the best deals.

Sometimes you may have to shop around so that you can locate a place where the massagers are sold at the best prices, you can carry out a quick price comparison which will let you know where to buy the massagers at the best price.

Cordless Design

Would you like to get a massager which will serve you perfectly? In such a case, you need to check whether you would like to have a massage session in your home or if you prefer a device that you can apply on the go.

For example, if you decide to have a battery-powered massager, then you can apply it even when traveling and it will allow you to enjoy the best feeling.

Remember sometimes you can travel long distances and you end up suffering from fatigue. A quick massage will relax your muscles. You need to invest in a portable massager that is battery-powered.

Heat Option

To increase the effectiveness of the massager, you may have to check on the heat option. There are some percussion massagers that come with heating options. They will improve blood circulation to your muscles which in effect will lead to great effects during your massage.

Take time to check on the general design of the massager before you can order. Remember not all massagers will come with the heat option.


The Benefits of Percussion Massage Therapy

The percussion massagers come with several health benefits. You need to check out the several benefits associated with the massager before you can proceed to order a given massager. Here are some of the benefits of applying the massagers:

Relaxes thickened connective tissue

If you suffer from connective tissue fatigue due to workouts, you can get quick relief through the application of the massagers. The massagers are effective in such a way you will direct them to the affected connective tissue and the massaging effect will make you enjoy quick relief. You can count on the massagers to achieve the best results as you work on different connective tissues.

Helps to break down adhesions

Due to different reasons, you can develop adhesions. The application of percussion massager has been proved to be highly effective in managing the issue. You can apply the massagers to realize the best in your treatment. You will get quick relief without fear of side effects.

Breaks down internal scar tissue

There are times when you can develop internal scar tissue. The application of massage therapy has been proved to be highly effective in helping you deal with such issues. It is a technique that has been tried time and over to be highly effective in managing health conditions. You can apply it without fear and it will contribute to helping you get rid of the health complications.

Improved circulation

You need to enhance blood circulation to all parts of your body. Poor blood circulation to certain muscles can lead to tensions. You will easily ease the muscle tension through the application of massage therapy. The percussion massager has been developed to make it easy for you as you apply massage therapy to your affected body parts.

Enhances flexibility

Some of your muscles may develop stiffness. You will easily deal with the issue through the application of massage therapy. If you are involved in sports, you can count on massage therapy to achieve great performance.


Common Types of Percussion Massager


The infrared massager will utilize infrared technology to increase the effectiveness of your massager. Apart from precision technology, it will heat your muscles for quick results.

best infrared kneading massager




It is a massager you will handle by your hand as you get the massage therapy. You can carry it to any location where you intend to carry out the massage therapy.

buy percussion massager



Personal massager

It is a handheld massager which you buy for your personal use. If you would like to enjoy the health benefits of massage therapy from any location, you can opt for the massager.


What Can You Use Percussion Massager For?

The best percussion massagers have several uses. You need to research and locate the best types so that you can enjoy their health benefits. A percussion massager is a device that uses highly concentrated pulses to soothe the muscle tissues. They can work on knots or tension areas to relieve pain. You can apply the massagers to improve the blood floor to different parts of your body. The handheld devices can be made to target different parts of your body.

The usages of best percussion massager can vary from one design to the other. It is essential to check out the design of a given massager before you can proceed to order. Here are common massager and their uses:

Percussion back massager

It is a massager which is used to massage the back. You may develop health complications such as muscle tension on the back. The devices can be directed to the point where you feel discomfort and they will play a great role in improving blood flow. When you improve blood flow to your back, it is possible to tackle common back pains. The massagers have been developed to work well in helping you improve the blood flow easily.

Percussion body massager

The body massagers are handheld devices that can be used to target different parts of the body. For example, different parts of your body can develop flexibility issues. The massager can be directed to such part as a way of improving flexibility. They are also helpful in improving your skin tone. If you are looking for a way to improve the skin tone on different parts of your body, you can apply the massagers and they will play a great role in improving your skin tone.

Percussion neck massager

Sometimes your neck can develop complications. There is no need to worry about how you can get such types of neck pains. The massager will stimulate blood flow to the neck region which can play a great role in relieving pain. Other issues that can face your neck are mobility and flexibility issues. You can apply the neck massager to treat such type of complications. If your neck was involved in strenuous exercises, you can enhance the recovery process through the application of the massagers.

Muscle therapy percussion massager

Different muscles of your body can be faced by the muscle tension issues due to different reasons. There is no need to worry about how you can get quick recovery. Application of percussion massagers can be a great way to improve blood circulation to such parts of the body. After exercises, you need to relax the muscles. The best way to achieve quick muscle recover is through the application of massage. The massagers a redeveloped in such a way they make it easy for you to easily recover from the pains associated with the exercises.

Percussion shoulder massager

If your shoulder is aching, you can apply the precision massager. It is an effective massager that you can apply to get quick help. It will target the muscles and improve blood circulation which is effective in muscle recovery. They are also effective in improving your hormones as well.



1. What Is a Percussion Massager?

A percussion massager is a device that sends vibrations to your muscles as a way of making you achieve a massaging effect. The vibrations are produced in the form of percussion beats. The vibrations are systematically sent in form of percussions which lead to muscle pain relief among other health benefits you can enjoy when undertaking massage.

You will get them referred to as precision massage due to the hitting mechanism sued when they are in the application. When you direct a percussion massager to your skin, it will send a systematic hitting motion to the skin which in effect will penetrate into the muscles to allow you to enjoy a quick recovery.

You can count on the devices to realize the best results in your massage therapy sessions. The devices are easy to apply, you can even apply it on your own and it will contribute towards making you enjoy the several health benefits associated with percussion massage.

2. Who Can Benefit From Percussion Therapy?

Anybody can apply percussion massage. The devices are built to be safe. You can apply it to your children, wife or even your husband. Even when you are pregnant, you can as well apply the percussion massager and it will play a great role in helping you enjoy quick recovery from stress among other health issues you may be facing.

The designers of the devices took into consideration several factors to ensure they are safe for use. There is no need to be reluctant. If you have the opportunity to apply the massage devices, then you should not hesitate, they are devices designed to allow you to enjoy the health benefits associated with massage.

The percussion massagers are easy to use. There is no need to worry about how you can apply them, read the product descriptions and it will be very easy for you to get started.

3. Are Percussion Massagers Good For You?

Yes, the percussion massagers are designed to be safe for use. You will have to review the different products available in the market after which you can choose the best. Take time to check on the features available on the products.

There are several models in the market. Most of them have been passed through tests to ensure they are safe, but there are others that are more effective than others. In most cases, they will work on batters. You can as well go for a corded one, but it will restrict you if you would like to apply the massage therapy from different locations.

The percussion massage devices are safe; you can apply them as many times as you wish so that you can enjoy the several health benefits associated with the application of percussion massage therapy.

4. Why Use Percussion Massager?

A percussion massager is easy to use and will make you enjoy several health benefits. There are several benefits you enjoy after you decide to use a precision massager. It is a safe and highly effective massage method you can apply to enjoy several health benefits.

If you suffer from stress, you can apply massage therapy to relieve stress. The percussion massage can be directed to specific parts of your body. For example, if your back is aching, you can direct the percussion massager to a given place and it will contribute towards helping you manage the pain.

5. Percussion Massager vs. Vibration Massager

There is a difference between the percussion massager and the vibration massagers. Percussion massagers will make you experience percussion motions on the areas targeted.

On the other hand, a vibration massager will send vibration. It can use vibrating tips to target your muscles. The main aim of the massager is to stimulate blood flow. You need to check on the type of massage the different devices can apply before buying. The different massagers will tend to offer different effects on your body.

6. How to Use a Percussive Therapy Device?

It is easy. You will have to direct the massager to your preferred point of application and switch it on. It will produce percussive waves which will lead to the massaging effects. You can as well follow the manufacturer’s instructions to apply the precision massager.

7. Who Should Use a Percussion Massager?

Anybody looking for quick pain relief can apply the precision massager. It is a safety device that can be applied by people of all ages and health conditions. The therapy will not expose you to any form of side effect.