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Best Shiatsu Massager Reviews

Keeping fit is everyone’s goal in this contemporary society. You might run into body aches, stress, and pain due to daily schedules and activities. Therefore you will need the best massage chair which will meet your needs precisely. That is why I have compiled the best shiatsu massager. Read on and find out.

Is Shiatsu Massage Good For You?

Shiatsu massages are very good for you because they offer a lot of therapeutic benefits. This massager helps you in pain-relieving, shooting of muscles, and body aches that could as well develop into more complicated conditions. Additionally, they are available in various designs which allows you to make a choice based on your preference and affordability. If you’re looking forward to keeping fit as well as having an exclusive massage experience then shiatsu offers a lot of features that will meet your needs.

How Often Should You Get A Shiatsu Massage?

Shiatsu massage should be taken at any time irrespective of whether you are at work or home. This is good in ensuring you receive consistent massage to help you get the most benefits. Most of them are portable and they’re easy to use. So there is no limitation on when and how you can use them.

What Should I Do After Shiatsu Massage?

After having a Shiatsu massage you need to ensure that your massager is cleaned up and stored properly for next use. Also, you can as well decide to take some refreshments as you relax.

What Are The Benefits Of Shiatsu?

Shiatsu offers lots of therapeutic benefits because of deep tissue massage. You will get to experience pain relief in various body parts. Additionally, it also soothes your muscles to ensure it is relaxed and free from tension. This massager also allows proper alignment of the spinal cord and relieves tension in the shoulders, the neck, and the feet.

How Much Does A Shiatsu Massage Cost?

Shiatsu massage Costs approximately $60 to $120 per hour. This is the standard range but it is prone to change depending on the spa. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase your massage chair so that you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home.

Can Shiatsu Cause Side Effects?

Shiatsu massage is safe although you might have some mild side effects such as muscle stiffness and headaches or you can feel exhausted. These side effects are temporary but if it persists you should consult your therapist for further directions.

Can Shiatsu Helps In Inflammation?

Shiatsu works well on inflamed areas because it offers exclusive massage which helps in soothing muscles and relieves pain.

Things To Look At When Buying Shiatsu Massager

The number of rotating nodes

The rotating nodes determine the extent of penetration that the massager can offer. It resembles that of a real hand. Therefore, massagers that have more rotating nodes offer a more fulfilling massage.


You need to consider if the massager that you intend can be carried around easily. This will help you to have a massage session anywhere anytime.


Affordability also plays a crucial role in selecting the best massage chair. The quality ones are more expensive but it is important to consider your budget.

Benefits Of Using Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massager is very effective when it comes to giving incredible massages. They are very customizable which helps in meeting various needs. Additionally, the heat function also allows deep tissue penetration. They are also comfortable because of their ergonomic design. Therefore, this massager will ensure you enjoy the therapeutic benefits that it offers. This makes it one of the best massagers that you will find in the market.

Let us have a look at our top picks that are worth your money.

Best Shiatsu Massager Reviews

Resteck Massagers For Neck And Back With Heat

Restneck massagers are one of the best that you can find in the market. They alleviate you from muscle soreness and acute muscles that would later develop more chronic complications. Therefore, it helps in promoting proper blood circulation, soothe aching muscles and ease the stiffness in the neck. They also provide deep massage even when you are traveling because it is incredibly portable. It comes with a leather bag that is used to carry it around.

Additionally, it has four buttons that are used to control heat stimulations base on your needs. This makes it very customizable and convenient. The multipurpose nature of this massage makes it an appropriate massager for your whole body which allows you to enjoy stimulating full body massage. This massager is worth your money because of its functional competency and it also comes with a lifetime warranty.


Portable and convenient

It is with your money

Durable and well constructed.


Screws are not firmly fixed which can make it rattle after using it for some time.

Zyllion Shiatsu Back And Neck Massager

This is a kneading massage pillow with heat for calves, lower back, and shoulders. It is very convenient because it can black, car and home. It relieves sore muscle because utilizes 3D kneading shiatsu which automatically changes its directions every minute. This is made more efficient by the advanced heating functions which can be turned off with ease. It is very versatile and very ergonomic which allows it to be perfectly fit the thighs, abdomen, and thighs. This massager requires power because it is not rechargeable. It can work well with 110v-120V and 220v-240 v.

The safety is also guaranteed because when it exceeds the normal temperature it will stop operating to prevent any possible damages. Therefore, this is a reliable massager and when purchased from a reliable seller you will enjoy the money-back guarantee.


It is effective in soothing muscles

It has adjustable straps which makes it more comfortable

It uses up to four different shiatsu massage nodes

It is also equipped with overheat protection


It is not rechargeable.

Comfier Shiatsu Neck And Back Massager

This is a 3 D full back massager that has an adjustable compressor and chair padding that is ideal for full-body pain relief, neck shoulders, waist, back, and hips. Additionally, the heat and vibration functions ensure you enjoy full body massage that eases tensions and soothes the muscles. This massager incorporates four rotation nodes which provide incredible messages on the shoulder and neck because it moves outwards and inwards to create a 2D/3D shiatsu pressure massage which makes it more comfortable for your back.

It also offers adjustable rolling and spot massage which works well on the back and it eases tension along the spinal cord. The massage heads can be adjusted to ensure it functions optimally. The spot massage function helps you to concentrate on one area. You will also get to enjoy the option infrared heat function that delivers gentle warmth on the target area. The air compression system is also adjustable which makes it offer deep tissue massage which greatly relieves tension. It is also very comfortable since it can be placed anywhere on the office chair, recliner, couch, etc. This massage chair has lots of therapeutic benefits and if you are not impressed you can also request a refund but it is the best.


It offers full-body relaxation

It has a washable and detachable flap

It is versatile

It is very comfortable

It can be used anywhere


It is difficult to assemble

Shiatsu Back Neck Heat Massager

This is an electric kneading massager that works well for the back, neck, shoulder, and feet. It offers deep tissue massage because of its kneading heads that allow you to reap more therapeutic benefits. It also comes with a special heating function that is easy to operate and customizable. This ensures you get the best massage experience since it helps in reducing stress and soothing fatigued muscles. It is also made from breathable fabric that promotes maximum nodular massage and easy penetration. Additionally, it is very durable and comfortable. This is because it is made from linen fabric which ensures you enjoy the massage. You can always carry it along with you when you are traveling or you can use it from home. You can also use it in your car by connecting it to the power connector.

Furthermore, it is also easy to operate. You can enjoy its comfort by simply pressing the integrated control buttons. It also equipped with flexible straps that help in adjusting the pressure on areas that are being massaged. The speed custom modes also work well with the neck. Additionally, it is also safe to use because the automatic heat function will shut it down after 15 minutes.


It is made using soft and comfortable materials.

It is durable

It offers an incredible massage experience.

It is easy to operate using the three functions buttons

It turns off automatically after 15 minutes to prevent overheating.


It struggles when applied with the slightest pressure.

Comfier Shiatsu Heat Massage Chair

This massager offers exclusive full body massage which is facilitated by a combination of heat functions, vibration, rolling, kneading, air compression, and shiatsu. This helps in alleviating pain and stress. It is also equipped with four nodes for the shoulder and neck a. Its shiatsu balls can also be adjusted to suit your preference. The massage nodes help in delivering deep tissue massage. It also has adjustable air compression with varied intensities on the hips and the waist. It is also comfortable because it can use it on the couch, office. The straps also make this massage chair more comfortable and customizable to suit your preference.


It is versatile

It is comfortable

It offers full body massage


It is expensive.

Trushiatsu Pro Foot Massager with Heat Deep Kneading Therapy

This is one of the best shiatsu massage chairs that offer an incredible massage that can be compared to that of a spa. It targets particular acupressure points which are combined with air compression, kneading rollers and heat to deliver quality massage. It also has reflexology rollers that provide pain relief and stress due to the application of air compression to the specific areas. So it makes it feel like you’re having a massage from real hands. The soothing heat functionality is also incredible in the sense that it relieves you from aching feet and fatigued muscles by providing a deeper and more soothing massage on target areas.

It is also very customizable because it has three different intensities, time settings, and optional heat functionality to allow you to set according to your preference. If you’re looking for a massage chair with a very ergonomic design then this is what is appropriate. It has a complete structure of the human foot which ensures you enjoy its comfort and pain relief capabilities.


It is customizable

It has an ergonomic design

Great for a foot massage


The cords don’t work effectively.


The shiatsu massagers that I have highlighted in this review are the best that you can find in the market. Ensure you purchase them from a trusted dealer.